Real Estate Solutions From AEI

Your source for tax-advantaged passive income

AEI offers whole and fractional net lease property ownership opportunities that generate passive income that can be sheltered by passive losses.
If you are an Accredited Investor, and would like more information about the opportunities and services available from AEI, please contact your financial advisor. Or, for a financial advisor referral, you may contact AEI Investor Services at 800-328-3519.

Our Difference

Forty-four years of net leased property investment experience allows AEI to bring a wealth of expertise to its clients. The senior management team has more than 100 years of combined industry experience - just at AEI. AEI has acquired more than 420 of properties in 41 states.

AEI's investment philosophy is built upon one simple principle: Own well-located corporately net leased, income real estate, without debt, to minimize risk and maximize returns. Our consistent investment success across multiple economic and real estate cycles demonstrates the wisdom of this approach. We believe that our debt-free ownership of investment grade commercial property provides the best opportunity for stable returns and a high degree of capital protection.

Our time-proven strategy is to identify creditworthy companies that prefer to lease, rather than own, the real estate they occupy – and then provide it to them as their landlord.

Our track record reflects our dedication to a disciplined and conservative investment strategy. By faithfully maintaining a debt-free approach to property ownership, we have delivered consistently positive results to our investors, over many decades.